Earlier this year I released a few trailers for my book, All That Keeps Us.

Well, I am very excited to announce that a third trailer has been completed and is available now. The extremely talented Chris Schwab was at the helm once again and for this one Chris was able to partner with a number of other talented people as well, including the Director of Photography who he worked with on his feature film Look Closer, Brian C. Weed and one of lead actors from the film who stars in this, B. Anthony Coen.
All That Keeps Us Sam
Everything was shot at 4k resolution and the final product looks amazing.

This was all done incredibly fast. Just a month ago this was only a spark of an idea. But thanks to the tools of the trade and the willingness of everyone involved, this short film is now a reality and has just been accepted into the Beyond Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles and will screen at the Egyptian Theater.

Here are a few more shots from the set!

All That Keeps Us - Sam - Chirs Schwab

All That Keeps Us - Crew



Trailer number two for All That Keeps Us is up on Vimeo now!!!

You can watch it here if you just can’t wait: Clovis

This one is the story of Clovis – the shapeshifting killer from the underworld of the government.

The idea for his trailer was to film the second chapter of the book when Clovis is waiting on his mission. He is continually getting intel from some unknown source until his time comes. We shot the exteriors in Downtown LA in front of the very cool looking old Hotel Barclay.




Chris was able to find some really great angles to make the final shot of the trailer work. You will have to watch it to see how it ends but I was amazed at the results we were able to get.



After shooting downtown we went back to my house to film some of the burning paper that we needed. My son was the stand in for me as set up the lights and tested the best way to make the paper burn the direction we wanted it to go.



Then at the very end of the night we checked into a hotel room by LAX to film the miscellaneous shots that happened in the hotel. Clovis repeating many of the mundane everyday things that we all do. Eat, shave, read intel about our target…..oh wait….That may just be him….


As much as we tried to hide it, you may recognize the character actor playing the part of Clovis……

We had a really good time creating a mini-movie out of this small scene in the book and I think the result is something special.


If you havent already watched it – here you go: